A Husband Or A Sugar Daddy?

sugar daddyIf your Sugar Daddy is so fabulous and gives you all you need in life,why not put a ring on it’and make him your rich husband?

There will come a time for every Sugar Babe when her Sugar Daddy of the moment goes down on one knee and reveals the biggest most sparkly diamond ring you’ve ever seen.For some itwill be a time to jump up and shout from the roof tops and for others it will be an uncomfortable moment you never imagined would ever happen..…cringe.

ls it better to have a husband instead of a Sugar Daddy?

Well that depends on you and how you feel about your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby arrangement If you are feeling insecure in your relationship then you need to address the reasons why you feel this way.A ring on your finger will be nice in the short term but if your Sugar Daddy’s behavior is troubling you,the ring won’t fix the issue.it might even intensify it The great thing about having a Sugar Daddy is that you both have the option of going your separate ways without too much emotional trauma.If you keep your relationship fun,light-hearted or are having an open relationship(you are both free to date other people)then you will never feel trapped the way a person might if they are in an unhappy marriage.

Sugar babes get the best from a man without having to mary him.

They always see his best side,the side of him that is ready to party or relax and enjoy life.A wife usually falls into an unfulfilling and dull roLutine and begins to feel bored and unappreciated.
Ever noticed how many bored and lonely housewives’
hook up sites are popping up these days..think about it!


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